Window-System bluEvolution 73

Attractive and modern all round

Attractive window design combined with modern technology

bluEvolution 73 meets all your needs for sophisticated window design: High-density surfaces not only make the profile extremely easy to maintain, but also offer an exceptionally long service life.


− The window system prevents thermal bridges, cutting energy costs substantially.
− The intelligent profile design with large steel reinforcements also ensures excellent stability and reliable functional safety.
− With three selectable sash geometries, the bluEvolution 73 window system meets all the requirements for a sophisticated window design: Choose between a recessed look, a semi-recessed look with a round sash or a semi-recessed look with an angled sash.
− With numerous decorative surfaces and an optional aluminium cover shell, windows from the bluEvolution 73 system are all-round attractive.

The location, the building and the occupants are all highly individual. That is why there is no such thing as the optimal standard window solution for all requirements. As a sole decision-making criterion, price is not enough. Windows must be configured to meet specific requirements before they can become “myWindow”.

The path to optimal configuration

With our specially developed procedure, you’ll find just the window that
meets your requirements. In the process, these three dimensions play a
decisive role in determining whether your selection fits the building as well
as external influences:

Climatic and other local conditions
Temperature curve and difference, amount of precipitation, hours of sunshine, snowfall, wind loads, burglary statistics, air pollution, noise pollution, altitude above sea level.

With a heat transfer coefficient of up to Uf 1.2 W/(m²K), bluEvolution 73 ensures good thermal insulation. In addition, thermal bridges are prevented, reducing both energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Property characteristics
Year of construction, type of building, living space, floors, material of the window frames, glazing, orientation of the house according to GPS coordinates, number of windows per house side, window types, number of mullions, dimensions of the windows, analysis of the lighting situation: Comparison of the actual/target lighting situation

Building style:
The bluEvolution 73 system offers a choice of different profile geometries for both new projects and renovation projects.

Window sizes of 2.25 m can be realised as standard.

Customer requirements
Optimisation strategies for light and energy entry, historical authenticity, regional style, individual choice of design and materiality, ecological factors such as insulation and recycling, as well as costs.

Sound insulation:
With glazing thicknesses of up to 44 mm, sound insulation levels of up to 46 dB can be obtained.

Burglary protection:
Using standard measures, bluEvolution 73 provides burglary protection ratings of up to RC2.

Brügmann white, the base body alternatively also in anthracite, cream, brown or caramel with over 40 standard foil décors as well as individual aluminium cover shells.

The most important values at a glance

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Aluminium cover profile

High-quality aluminium look

Refine your windows in line with your own style and give them an elegant aluminium look. Salamander will satisfy all your design expectations with the high-quality aluminium cover profile solution specially developed for the bluEvolution 73 entrance series. Anodized or RAL colours, matt or in finely-textured powder coating, DB colours or NCS – every colour wish can be fulfilled.

The mounting of the aluminium cover profile on the bluEvolution 73 system is carried out with a special adhesive technology. Give your windows not only an elegant aluminium look, provide them also with a high level of security, durability and stability.


/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, entrance and side entrance doors


/// 5-chamber profile

/// Stopper gasket

/// Construction depth: 73 mm

/// Up to Uw = 0.73 W/(m²K)

/// Sound insulation: up to 46 dB

/// Burglary resistance class 2

/// Areas of application: Side and bottom hung windows, tilt and turn windows, side entrance doors, folding and parallel tilt and slide doors


/// Recessed look

/// Semi-recessed look with round sash

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