evolutionDrive HST

The convenient lift and slide door solution
for connecting to the great outdoors

evolutionDrive lift and slide door

Ambience with a new demension

Light comes into your home with large window units – including the evolutionDrive lift-and-slide door, which brings your interior to life. The door structure is designed for optimum stability and enables high proportions of glass and large opening units in various operating schema. The system solution owes its efficient thermal insulation to the optimised sealing levels, especially in the area of the middle section – so that the cold stays where it belongs. In addition to its powerful functionality, the lift-and-slide door scores points with an innovative, patent-pending solution for tested burglar-resistant units up to resistance class RC 2. The security mechanism works regardless of the fitting used, and also allows the use of thresholds with flat sliding rails or renovation thresholds in particular. This means that all tomorrow’s requirements can also be met with regard to accessibility, without compromising burglar resistance.

Sliding elements: Unbeatable design, light & comfort

Modern architecture has embraced large-sized sliding doors:

− Sliding elements result in spacious and bright rooms.
− Demands in terms of realisable element sizes are increasing.
− Even in smaller interiors, sliding solutions offer a space-saving outward connection.
− The right elements can also reduce the risk of burglary by 80 %.
− And even in urban regions, noise pollution can be reduced by up to 75 % with the right elements.

The path to optimal configuration

Thanks to our specially developed processes, you are guaranteed to find the element that meets your specific demands. These three dimensions are central in determining whether your choicesuits the building and external influences:

Climatic and other local conditions
Temperature curve and difference, rainfall, hours of sunshine, snowfall, wind loads, burglary rates, air pollution, noise pollution, metres above sea level.


Building properties

Year in which the building was constructed, building type, living space, storeys, window frame material, glazing, alignment of the building as per GPS coordinates, number of windows per façade, window types, number of cross bars, window dimensions, analysis of light situation: Comparison of actual and desired light situation.


Customer demands

Strategies to optimise light and energy input, historical authenticity, regional style, individual selection of the design and materiality, ecological factors such as insulation and recycling as well as costs.



/// Frame construction depth: 194 mm

/// Sash construction depth: 82 mm

/// up to Uw= 0,64 W/(m²K)



/// Size: 6.50 x 2.70 m

/// Glazing: up to 52 mm

/// Areas of use: Lift-and-slide door