Well thought-out
system technology

Sliding elements are a classic stylistic feature in modern living, with generously
designed glass surfaces conveying a sense of comfort and elegance. Both the
innovative GEALAN-SMOOVIO® sliding system and the S 9000 lift-slide door
more than meet these requirements, both visually and functionally.

These are our sliding systems

The innovative GEALAN-SMOOVIO® sliding system
Gain living space
GEALAN-FUTURA® is the single profile combination in the S 9000 system. It offers the option of building passive house-compatible window elements, including in colour, in accordance with the ift directive WA-15/2 using standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel stiffening elements. The certified Uf value of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms the outstanding basic heat insulation properties. Maximum sash dimensions of up to 2.40 m are possible with GEALAN-FUTURA® when using STV® bonding technology.
The new S 9000 lift-slide door
Comfort at home made easy
Large door elements can be moved with ease with our technology. It does not matter whether the door is open or closed. Either way, the room is flooded with light. And the virtually threshold-free floor junction further offsets the separation between the interior and exterior.
More light than ever
Do you enjoy a large glass area and more light when it comes to lift-slide elements? Then GEALAN has a very special technical solution for you. Its visible width in the fixed section is more than 50% smaller than the normal lift-slide sash.
Top heat insulation values
Even the standard version of the new lift-slide door with standard stiffening elements and no additional measures achieves a very good calculated heat insulation value of Uf 1.3 W/(m²·K).
Thanks to the best heat insulation values even in the standard versions, superb workmanship and innovative technical solutions.
Triple glazing
Modern triple glazing up to a thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm) can be used with ease in the new system.
GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface
Lift-slide doors with the proven GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface boast a durable and uniform surface quality. They offer huge design freedom for new builds and renovations.
Featuring a modern design, narrow sash and innovative glazing profile for more glass in the fixed section.
Thanks to various design options, different types of opening mechanisms and a wide range of colour options for the surfaces.
Symmetrical look
The visible width of even the standard sash design is very narrow at 100 mm.
More glass in the fixed section
This special variant replaces the usual sash in the fixed section with a much narrower glazing profile. This reduces the visible width in the fixed section by more than 50 per cent without changing the heat insulation properties.